1st Annual CBT Awards

Being an infophile i do a lot of watching Computer Based Training. I have to say some of it is very bad.

It is my opinion that learning about technology should be fun, interactive, and easily attainable.

There’s many vendors of CBT’s but no one place that reviews them. They can all claim to provide “the best training” but who really does? Who’s the most engaging? Who has the qualifications? Who’s the best value? Who shows up on your resume the best? Who’s prepared you for the related Cert the best? Who has the best customer support and demo policy?

I’ll cover this and more for all the CBT companies i know of (http://www.securityaegis.com/2008/09/computer-based-trianing-cbts-for.html) soon awarding a bronze, silver, and gold award for the best =)

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