2011 Defcon/BH Parties

Its that time, Blackhat, BsidesLV, Defcon…. Some people hate to post this stuff for fear of being to crowded but… F*CK EM! Help us fill in the blanks! jhaddix { a-t } securityaegis.com Also:

The Official DC19 Pool Parties I’m also excited to announce that we’ll have some sweet music for you at the Rio pool this year (Pool # TBA). I will also be updating this thread soon with a link to the artist/dj bios.


6pm – 7pm 2-Dub Breaks
7pm-8pm Inconspicuous Villain
8pm-9pm Ol’ Skinny
9pm-10pm Traxmyth and Indaskyes
10pm-11pm DSTROY
11pm-12am DJ Odyssey

6pm – 7pm DJ Sinfinity
7pm-8pm Mauvehed
8pm-9pm JSB
9pm-10pm Fillmatic
10pm-11pm the_audiophile
11pm-12am Alexander King


Who? When? Time Where? Link/RSVP
Defcon Pre Party Tuesday-Thursday Dusk Alexis Park Hotel Pool 3 http://alexispark.com
Absolute Madness Suite Tuesday 5pm-8pm Ceasars Suite http://goo.gl/b10Sv
Ncirlce Party Wed Aug 3 7:30pm-??? Ceasar’s Palace http://goo.gl/IbHnM
Mod Security Happy Hour Wed Aug 3 4pm – 6pm Muchbar Ceasar’s Palace http://goo.gl/yssW0
Fishnet party Wed Aug 3 9pm-12am Rhumbar Mirage http://goo.gl/50Pri
Mandiant Reception Wed Aug 3 8pm-??? Shadow bar – Ceasars http://goo.gl/5JbqF
Netwitness Party Wed Aug 3 8pm-12am Jet Mirage Club http://goo.gl/H9KEV
Qualys PRE Party Wed Aug 3 7:30-??? Yellowtail Bellagio http://goo.gl/w6dTJ
Qualys & DELL SecureWorks Party Wed Aug 3 10pm Bank nightclub at Bellagio get inv from Qualys booth
Rapid7 Wed Aug 3 Moon (Palm Hotel) http://goo.gl/N7rCA
WhiteHat Security / Palo Alto Networks / Accuvant Wed Aug 3 8 pm – Midnight PURE (Caesars) Invite Only
Bsides EPIC Party Thur Aug 4 10pm – ??? attendees and anyone who pesters @indi303 enough
EFF theSummit Fundraiser Thur Aug 4 10pm – ??? Rio’s Pavillion 1 $40 http://goo.gl/KcxKP
iSec partners & NGS Thur Aug 4 10pm Rhumbar (Mirage) Invite Only
iOActive iOAsis Cocktail Party Thur Aug 4 7:00pm – 9:00pm OAsis Suite at Caesars Palac RSVP to [email protected] or stop by booth #103 for an invite!
Microsoft Party Thur Aug 4 Invite Only
Harris Crucial Security Blackhat Party Thur Aug 4 Invite Only
Absolute Madness Suite Thursday 7:30-11pm Ceasars Suite http://goo.gl/b10Sv
Spiderlabs – Spiders are FUN Fri Aug 5 10:30 pm Invite only – find a spider!
Black and White Ball Fri Aug 5 & Sat Aug 6 9pm-5am Rio Pavilion #1 Come one come all – http://goo.gl/VI3y3
312 Crew Party Sat Aug 6 10pm-3am Rio 312 parties are the new hotness http://goo.gl/3Oqso
NINJA Party Sat Aug 6 Cancelled?
iOactive Poolside party Sat Aug 6 ???
TippingPoint ZeroDayInitiative

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