Certified Ethical Hacker Version 6

The CEH cert has been the one of the most controversial certs to real world pentesters. A few years ago, it was the only cert of its kind, and having it was an asset. Fast forward to today and many think it is just a glorified tool review taught by people with no real world pentest experience.

My opinion has teetered back and forth on this. For an entry level job in infosec I think the CEH does the same thing as the A+/N+/S+, presumably lets an employer know that you have the equivalent of 6 months of on the job experience as a security engineer.

Regardless, that is not what this post is about:

Recently at a EC-Counsel Summit the instructor slides leaked for the much revamped version 6 of the CEH. I don’t condone downloading pirated stuff but looking at the topics makes me a little more confident in the course.

In doing research for the CBT awards, I talked to a quickcert.com rep named Wade, who said only a handful of trainers are teaching the new version. Quickcert being one of them. I was also directed to an interview on ethicalhacker.net with Haja Mohideen who thought the first class on v6:


The slides were first posted on www.arabhardware.net (http://tinyurl.com/4n4pzf) and ended up at http://tinyurl.com/45q5yg

v6 offers a substantial re-haul of the curriculum. Impressive in my opinion.

A good anti-CEH argument is made with retorts from someone who knows the program and layout well here, its a good read i recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Certified Ethical Hacker Version 6

  1. I’m actually rather enamored with the CEH certification. I don’t have one currently and I’m not even sure if it will end up being my career direction, but I really like the thought of it. The nicest thing is that most of the talent and skills required to do such a job are either there or not, which should quickly make it apparent when preparing for this cert whether one is cut out for it or not.

  2. thanks for the comment Vince!

    I actually agree, i am also enamored with it. Having the knowledge of the tools assumes knowledge of pre requisite security, and both these combined give a basis for a pentester. It’s being on our side of the fence though, as most of the pentesters/infosec folks have a HUGE gripe with the CEH. I’m hoping that this revamped curriculum will change some minds.

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