Computer Based Training (CBTs) for Security, Hacking and the Like


Mile 2 offers training on 3 security related programs, and they also work with Career Academy so some of their elearning is the same. They offer CISSP, CPTS, and Wireless Security Courses online. They are very good for intro to hacking and penetration testing material.

CPTS hxxp://
CISSP hxxp://
CWSP hxxp://

Career Academy:

CA works with Mile2 instructors to make some cbt’s but also make their own. Their cpts one is the same, as well as their CISSP (i believe the same one by Shon Harris) but they do offer additional ones that are not on the mile2 website. They offer CEH, CPTS, Hacking, CISSP, Security+, SCNS, SCNP.

CEH bootcamp hxxp://
CPTS same as Mile2 hxxp://
Hacking and Countermeasures hxxp://
CISSP Shon Harris hxxp://
Security+ N hxxp://
SCNS hxxp://
SCNP hxxp://

SANS Institute:

SANS is the ultimate training in security. They employ some of the best infosec professionals in the industry and really give you the best breakdown of everything. Ed Skoudis happens to be my personal infosec hero. Unfortunately most of their training is only LIVE, and EXPENSIVE. What they offer is training for the GIAC Penetration Tester Cert, CISSP, and other GREAT infosec classes. There is really too much to list (hxxp://

Security 401 Security Essentials hxxp://
Security 504 Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling hxxp://
Security 505 Securing Windows hxxp://
Management 414 CISSP hxxp://
Webcast for Penetration Testing Ninjitsu, Similar to: hxxp://

Offensive Security:

Offensive Security is run by the guys that make (arguably) the best live linux distro out there, Backtrack 3. They offer two online courses which are EXCELLENT, one called Offensive Security 2.0, the other called Offensive Security Wireless Attacks – Backtrack WiFu.

Backtrack To The Max 1.0 hxxp://
Offensive Security Wireless Attacks – Backtrack WiFu hxxp://


CBT Planet (now knows a K-Alliance) Has Numerous trainings, unfortunately it is hard to verify whether the content is from them or resold from others. They do however have some interesting titles not seen other places that lead me to believe they might make their own stuff, like their ESCA/LPT training and GSEC trainings. They offer CEH, ECSA/LPT, CISSP, Hacking, GSEC, SCNA, SCNP, Security+, as well as numerous topic based CBTs (hxxp:// .

EC-Council CEH CBT hxxp://
EC-Council ECSA / LPT CBT hxxp://
CISSP CBT hxxp://
GSEC CBT hxxp://
Hacking and Countermeasures Available*** Might be the same as CA’s hxxp://
SCNA CBT hxxp://
SCNP CBT hxxp://
SSCP CBT hxxp://
Security+ CBT hxxp://

Specialized Solutions:

I haven’t actually heard much about SS’s CBTs. They look professionally done. I cant vouch for if they are just repackaged from another creator though. They are one of a hand full that i see have Securtiy5, and ECSA/LPT training which might mean they make their own training. They have CEH, Security5, ECSA/LPT, Security+, CISSP. Update SS and Quickcerts Trainings are the same.

CEH hxxp://
Security5 hxxp://
ECSA/LPT hxxp://
Security+ hxxp://
CISSP hxxp://

Infosec Institute:

Infosec Institute offers some good titles. They’re online Training is VERY good, id say right up there below SANS. Their CEH and Advanced Ethical Hacking are solid, I haven’t gotten the Pen Testing Bootcamp but I’ll expect the best out of that too. They offer CEH, Advanced CEH (which serves as thier ECSA/LPT calss), Penetration Testing, Intrusion Prevention, and CISSP.

CEH hxxp://
ACEH hxxp://
Penetration Testing hxxp://
Intrusion Prevention hxxp://
CISSP boot camp hxxp://


Quickcert has an tremendous amount of training, and they offer previews. They are a very good place to start cbt training and pace their courses slowly so you can really keep up. Unfortunately that leaves a semi-advanced student falling asleep sometimes =P. They DO offer ESCA/LPT, but it is the same as Specialized Solutions. They offer CEH, ECSA/LPT, CNDA, Security+, Security5, and CISSP. They are also one of the FEW to offer the new v6 training for CEH and CNDA training=) Update Specialized solutions and Quickcerts Trainings are the same.

CEH hxxp://
ECSA/LPT hxxp://
Security+ hxxp://
Security5 hxxp://
CISSP hxxp://
CNDA hxxp://


I dont have much experience with VTC except knowing that they are a huge retailer for CBTs. For Security they offer Security+, Ethical Hacking, CISSP, and Linux Security CBTs.

Security+ hxxp://
Ethical Hacking hxxp://
Linux Security hxxp://
CISSP hxxp://


I have not reviewed Learn*key yet, but from browsing over them i am not impressed as of yet. They do offer some courses: Hacking Revealed, Security+, and CISSP.

Hacking Revealed hxxp://
Security+ hxxp://
CISSP hxxp://


CBTDirect might be a distributor of others CBTs, i am not sure yet. They do offer GSEC and CIW Security professional training which leads me to believe they might do their own stuff, but i am not sure. Hopefully after i get some i can review it. They offer Security+, CISSP, SSCP, CIW, and GIAC GSEC.

Security+ hxxp://\comptia&Script=securityplus/security-plus.asp
CISSP hxxp://\issep&Script=CISSP/CISSP.asp
SSCP hxxp://\issep&Script=SSCP/SSCP.asp
CIW Security Professional hxxp://\ciw-security.asp&CurDir=\ciw\1D0470&Script=470.asp
GIAC GSEC hxxp://


Testout has a few neat looking courses for InfoSec but i haven’t checked them out yet. I think they make all their own material. They offer CISSP, SSCP, and Security+.

CISSP hxxp://
SSCP hxxp://
Security+ hxxp://

Professor Messer

Professor Messer has some fame teaching Nmap, his stuff is pretty good. He offers a CBT (Nmap Secrets) and a book (Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap Second Edition).

Nmap Secrets hxxp://,com_wrapper/Itemid,8/
Secrets of Network Cartography hxxp://

Wireshark University

Wireshark University offers GREAT training on Wireshark, as well as network forensics using WS. Taught by Laura Chappell.

Wireshark Functionality and Fundamentals hxxp://
Wireshark TCP/IP Network Analysis hxxp://
Wireshark Troubleshooting Network Performance hxxp://
Wireshark Network Forensics and Security hxxp://

One thought on “Computer Based Training (CBTs) for Security, Hacking and the Like

  1. OffSec101 gets a 6 out of 10 (and improving). Wireshark University I give a 3 out of 10 (but also improving despite the low mark).

    SANS is hit or miss. Most of these others that I have seen are 2 out of 10 at best, but I haven’t seen a lot of the ones that you’ve listed.

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