Conficker links

Tomorrow is phone home day for Conficker…


I went over today’s links from security people I follow on twitter. Dan Kaminsky (of last years DNS fame) has one of the best interview articles I’ve seen on Conficker at a high level and new tools related, but here are some additional docs: – SANS ISC Entry of third party removal tools – Know Your Enemy: Containing Conficker. – Nmap Scripting Engine script for detection. – Some Technical nitty gritty of it by websense. – Packaged, updated, stand alone scanner by Kaminsky (rebuild the py2exe, Tillmann and Felix’s scs code, now with Core’s impacket library safely embedded); as well as more links for windows (nmap) scanning. – nessus plugin blog update – Microsoft’s “Protect yourself from the Conficker computer worm” entry.

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