esearchy – my new favorite OSINT script

So you’re on a social engineering test… and you need to target some users for spear phishing. Previously we’ve used theHarvester and metasploit for this, but I’ve now fully switched over to esearchy by Matias P. Brutti.

Install on BT5:

sudo gem sources –add
sudo gem install gemcutter
sudo gem install esearchy

Let’s Pick on Valve (for no particular reason):

esearchy -q “” –company “Valve Software” –enable-spoke –enable-linkedin -m 500

Output for Social Profiling”


——-==< FINAL RESULTS >==——–
Doug Lombardi ->
Chris Green ->
Scott Lynch ->
Mike Dunkle ->
Kerry Davis ->
Tom Bui ->
Chris Green ->
Torsten Zabka ->
Mark Behm profiles ->
Joe Rohde profiles ->
Doug Lombardi profiles ->
Marc Nagel profiles ->
Mike Blaszczak profiles ->
David Kircher profiles ->
Michael Blaszczak profiles ->
Tom Bui profiles ->
Jeremy Bennett profiles ->
Dave Kircher profiles ->
Nick Coombe profiles ->
Niall King profiles ->
Keith Huggins profiles ->
Charles Burgin profiles ->
Joseph Rohde profiles ->
Rob Korporaal profiles ->
Thomas Bui profiles ->
Eric Tams ->

There a lot more options to play around with!

esearchy – search emails from Gauchito Hill on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “esearchy – my new favorite OSINT script

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the great review. BTW, I am working a new version way of crafting data, it is still a work in progress, but I am coming new code as fast as work let me. Currently the new version of Esearchy is codenamed Esearchy_mirai. It consists of a complete re-write and a complete new interface. Currently it contains an interactive console, resembling metasploit, but the idea is to also provide a esarchy-ng like interface.

    Here are a few sample videos:

    and her is the repository


    git clone esearchy_mirai

    cd esearchy_mirai
    ruby setup.rb
    cd bin

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