Hacking Cancer! – Please spread the word

Hello All,

Today I make my 1st appeal to the giant heart I know the hacker community has. My seven-year-old nephew-in-law Cole Baker has been battling cancer (neuroblastoma) for the past year. We thought after a handful of advanced treatments he had finally beaten it but, alas, we found out last week that the cancer has spread to a different area.

In a month, Cole has to undergo a new radiation treatment which is more aggressive than the norm. It will require him to be almost completely isolated for a week because of the radiation.

So, what can you and I do?


I will be holding a 1 day virtual workshop on Mobile Application Security and Testing in June, dates TBA. Anyone who donates 25+ US dollars to Cole and his family are welcome. If you’re not interested in mobile security you can also just donate =) If a TBA date doesn’t work for you I will offer the recorded workshop to you in video format.

To read more about my nephew-in-law and his family you can visit: http://www.aboutcole.blogspot.com/

To donate you can visit: http://www.aboutcole.blogspot.com/p/donations.html

In the donation message write “Hacking Cancer” and any other well wishes you want to give. Include your email and twitter handle, and if you wish to attend the training or are just donating. I will email potential attendees with the dates and syllabus for the training.

I thank you sincerely for reading this and spreading the word.

Hack Cancer!

– Jason Haddix  (jhaddix [at] securityaegis.com)

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