Inspiration – everyone needs some

I thought i’d share my top inspirational videos/articles, some of which i was introduced to at I watch these to remind myself that i am never limited by my situation, and only prohibited by myself.

The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch – Randy was a comsci professor at Carnegie Mellon Uni. He was also a leader in VR research, a founder of the Alice project, and a father of three. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but at his “last lecture” at CM he told a story of how to live a life for others, right up to the very end.

Steve Jobs – You’ve got to find what you love: This is a favorite of mine to remind me that anything is possible. Always reminding me to “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Adam Savage – The Last HOPE “Obsession and Passion” Talk: Adams talks about his obsessions, and its relieving to hear as i identify with it completely. Really worth a watch. Reminds me to never give up the tenacity in my own interests, because they are what i own.

Last, and i swear im not sucking up here, is Don’s talk (from on DIY Careers in Ethical Hacking. Really this talk can be applied to any career. I heard this talk before i was a member here, not realizing it was Don until i re-listened to it. From smoking cuban cigars to working with migrant workers, to creating something that was his to own, and ours to share. Find your superpower.

Also im trying to find Mike Murray’s Defcon talk which a i was present for, but i cant find it. I remember it making quite the impression on me.

Feel free to share if you have some more =)

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