New Media RSA 2008 , OWASP, ToorconX

Lots of updates today!

I gotta tell tell you, my iPod never has been so full. The con community continues to grow and offer a great asset to IT Security who wants to stay up to date with the latest research, tools, ideas, and keep connected with like minded individuals. With no further ado:

RSA 2008 audio and slides

Info on RSA

Slides and Audio

These will most likely not be up for very long, I used the Firefox extension DownloadThemAll! to grab them.

OWASP AppSec 2008 video

Descriptions with links to video


Description and lineups

Sildes for Presentations

I’m not sure how long these will be up either 😉 **be sure to check out Chris Gates talk on New School Information Gathering from Toorcon, which imo is great stuff =)

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