New projects 9/20

1) Begin CISSP Training

2) CPTS, CEH, OSCP training/tests

3) Work on physical security white paper next outlining ID and Credit protection mechanisms and how they can be defeated using simple methods. Holograms, UV spectrum prints, micro-text, signature stripes, will be outlined and discussed. Never before seen replication of multi spectrum holograms and UV holograms on PVC will be revealed also, photo-film hologram replication will be attempted as well.

4) Reference Doc: So you want to learn Information Security?: doing it the poor mans way

2 thoughts on “New projects 9/20

  1. I understand CISSP and OSCP, but why would you even consider CPTS or CEH? Isn’t CEH the certification program where 95% of instructors have 0% real-world pen-test experience (i.e. never have done one)? Why CPTS? Why CEH? Who’s asking for them and what’s the point?

  2. Hello ntp!

    These two aren’t really required for anyone, you are correct. My employer however will pay for them and has their own training for them. These are just stepping stones and adds to the resume, not anything I’m counting on =)

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