Hackers Use This: Jason Haddix

Welcome to a new blog series call “Hackers use This.” This is an attempt at a low maintenance, interview-esque series aimed at security folk. I’ll be inviting all sorts of hackers asking them questions about their preferred software, hardware, etc. Basically what they use to get their jobs done.

This site is almost directly inspired by the author of usesthis.com. Thanks Daniel!

I’ll be posting the 1st article to showcase the type of content hopefully seen here in the future. Here we go:


Jason Haddix

Senior Security Researcher (Fortify on Demand – an HP Company)

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Jason Haddix (jhaddix). I am a Senior Security Researcher at a dynamic/static security testing SaaS. I currently architect and develop solutions and methodologies to address security problems. Before this I was the director of penetration testing and before that I was a penetration tester. I focus on several areas including web application testing, static code analysis, mobile hacking, and anything else that is needed. I’m a former prolific bug bounty addict, current gamer (Destiny and DOTA2 atm), (former-ish) blogger, sometimes CTF player, and family man.

You can find me on twitter ranting, github (hardly coding), several sites blogging, and LinkedIn barely paying attention.  I have a “soft CV” here.

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