Review: Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap

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Nmap is indispensable.

OK, that was obvious. There is no doubt that Fyodor and contributors have made the de-facto standard of network scanners, but when it comes down to learning the ins and outs and the power of Nmap, where should you put your hard earned cash?

Let’s neglect the support documentation (man pages) for a second, and assume you don’t really use Nmap on a day-to-day basis. Why? Over at, James “Professor” Messer has put together a 232-page eBook proving that one doesn’t have to be a networking guru to learn how to use Nmap effectively in your organization.

But what about the $197 video companion to this $47 book? How does it stack up against Fyodor’s own book on Nmap (See EH-Net Review by JP Bourget)?

Stick around my friends as the answers you seek are only minutes away, click here for the full review!

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