SecurityCBT Award Assesments have begun!

So after a long paternity leave, I have sent out feelers for the CBT awards. The vendors as it stands are:

Mile2/Career Academy, SANS Institute, Offensive Security, Specialized Solutions/QuickCert,
Infosec Institute, VTC, Learnkey, Testout, Boson, Security Innovation, CBTnuggets.

if anyone has another CBT vendor that matches the awards leave a comment and I will add them =) Additionally if you have suggestions on the criteria or certs, I’m more than willing to revamp these.


1st , 2nd, 3rd – Best in class for Begging Ethical Hacking/ Intro to Pentesting

1st, 2nd, 3rd -Best in class for Advanced Ethical Hacking and Pentesting

1 winner each – Best in class for specific Certs – Security+, CEH/ECSA/LTP/CNDA, CISSP, GIAC certs, SSCP, SCNS/SCNP/SCNA, CISA, CERT GSIH, OSPA/OPST

Wireless Shootout: CWSP vs OSWP

Honorable Mention

Security Aegis Kick Ass Award


1) Engaging
2) Who has the qualifications
3) Value
4) Who shows up on your resume the best
5) Who prepared you for the related Cert the best
6) Who has the best customer support
7) Best demo policy

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