Stumble hacking?

Have you ever noticed theres just too much information out there?

I mean, it’s a big bad internet out there and if you cant find specifics about a topic you need info on ( google fu) why not rely on others who have searched before you?

Enter Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon uses a distributed database of marking technology. If you’ve ever heard of, its kind of like that except a clientside app. Based on the “stumbles” of like minded individuals on the net you can click a browser toolbar button and go to sites relevant to your interests.

So lets say i want to search the Stumble database for a topic instead, like… penetration testing!

This is easy:

1) Create a Stumble account at

2) Download the browser app, sign in, etc

3) enter in your browser

4) Click the button “Stumble Pages About This”

now your browser Stumble button will only take you to sites related to Penetration Testing.

This is topic based searching based on like minded peers. They might know a resource you don’t!

Notes: you can do this for any topic, by using the url structure in step 3. Separate words by hyphens: example:

have fun!

Don’t forget to tag pages with the “i like it” button, so the stumble community grows!


I’ve decided to list my favorite SU findings for the day at the bottom of each post. Todays are tools from, open source vuln scanner and an SQL injector that look interesting :

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